detox_cleanse_rejuvenate.jpgDo you want to Feel Healthier and Have More Energy?

Should You Detoxify ?

  • Do you have trouble losing weight?
  • Do you have high cholesterol?
  • Do you have high blood pressure?
  • Do you have blood sugar problems?
  • Do you come from a family with diabetes, high cholesterol and obesity?
  • Do you feel tired?
  • Do you feel older than you are?
  • Do you eat non-organic and packaged foods?
  • Do you live near high traffic areas?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping?
  • Do you have environmental sensitivities or allergies?

If you answered yes to any of these questions feel free to contact Drew DiVittorio to set up a detox session where he will discuss how to detoxify gently, safely and effectively without any side effects.  Use contact form above.

Most detoxification programs out there today(for example, colon cleansing or supplement packages found online or in health food stores) can cause serious side effects and are not true detoxification.


Drew DiVittorio, DIPL, CH

HealthBody NYC.

1133 Broadway at 26 St

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Drew’s Detox, Healing with Whole Foods & Herbs is a 14 Day Rejuvenation Program helping you to transition into a healthier way of eating after a 2 week light body detox & cleanse.

The 14-Day Rejuvenation Program More on Cleanse, Detox & Rejuvenation

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Research is now backing up oriental and alternative medicine.  Sixty percent of MD’s practice some form of alternative medicine, whether meditation, nutrition, acupuncture, etc.  Doctors are now prescribing vitamins such as folic acid, vitamin c and other supplements and herbs for prevention or to help patients recover from chronic illnesses.

Different foods promote positive or negative reactions in your body.  One such example is Sulforaphane, a compound that was identified in broccoli sprouts by scientists at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, MD

This compound helps the liver metabolizes bad estrogen. Watch a short preview of Drew teaching one of his classes where he speaks about the latest research on broccoli and sulforaphane.

[mc src="" type="youtube"]Drew DiVittorio speaks to his class on Healing with Chinese Medicine[/mc]

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Steam Your Vegetables

veggiesteamerZapping your veggies may deprive them of antioxidants.  Recent research found that microwaving broccoli robbed it of up to 97% of steamer1certain types of anti-oxidants. Researchers also tested pressure cooking, boiling, and steaming. Steaming left the most anti-oxidants in tact.

(Journal of Science of Food and Agriculture)

This is one type of steamer: folding and collapsible metal vegetable steamer.  For instructions(if you’ve never steamed before) click here. You can find this metal steamer at most home goods stores.

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Herbal medicine is a major component of traditional Oriental medicine, a comprehensive health care system used for over 3,000 years in China herbsand throughout the world today that includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, and spiritual exercises.  It is the oldest, professional, continually practiced, literate medicine in the world. It is estimated that there are between 30-40,000 bookstaichi on Chinese medicine written before the turn of the century.  Since then, thousands more books and articles in professional journals have been written and published.

Chinese medicine views the body as a dynamic, interrelated whole possessing a vital energy or life force called Qi (pronounced chee)  acupunctureHealth depends on the free flow of this energy and the interplay of the body, mind and spirit.  When disease occurs, specific herbs are chosen to rebalance the energy and allow the body to heal itself.

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Chinese medicine works by re-establishing balance and harmony within pulsethe body. This means balance between yin and yang, balance between the five elements, and balance between the qi, blood and body fluids.

The practitioner begins tongue_diagnosisby doing a Chinese medical diagnosis to determine the patient’s individualized pattern of disharmony.  This diagnosis includes non-invasive pulse and tongue readings, together with a thorough health history, point palpation and observation techniques.  This information allows the practitioner to craft a personalized treatment plan that is unique for each client.

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With obesity at epidemic levels the use of sugar substitutes that are safe and beneficial for health is crucial. The options below meet these requirements.

honey_sugarsubstitutes_blogHoney: The taste and color of honey is dependent upon the type of blossom it was gathered from.  Honey has the highest sugar content of all natural sweeteners and because it is high in fructose, it is one of the sweetest. Natural Honey is somewhat cloudy.  The crystal clear purity of honey in the supermarket is obtained by heating the honey to very high temperatures and thus destroying the natural enzymes.

fructose_sugarsubs_Fruit Sugar (Fructose): May be derived from natural sources such as fruits and vegetables. Do not use fructose made from corn syrup.  Research indicates that (1) fructose may stimulate the liver to secrete more triglycerides therefore contributing to insulin resistance. (2) may interfere with cholesterol metabolism.

Liquid fructose, as in soft drinks, is the most dangerous.  When present in the solid state its action can be diminished by the presence of other substances in food.

Maple Syrup (Pure): Is a naturally occurring sweetener. The flavor is maplesyrupmild and unique, yet its sweetening ability is excellent.  It takes 40 gallons of sap from sugar maple trees to make one gallon of maple syrup, thus making it one of the most expensive sweeteners.

Brown Rice Syrup: This is a balanced sweetener. It is primarily a complex carbohydrate which enters the bloodstream more slowly than brown_rice_syruphoney or maple syrup.  Brown rice syrup doesn’t contain as high a concentration of nutrients as does barley malt syrup, but it does contain some trace minerals and B-vitamins.  It is less concentrated in flavor than other sweeteners and adds a mild, rather than a bold, sweetness.

Xylitol – derived from the bark of birch trees.  Looks like sugar and Xylitol4tastes like sugar, but has 1/3 fewer carolories and a low glycemic index. Can be substituted for sugar in baking.  Expensive

Date Sugar: Ground from dehydrated dates and is date_sugar1considered more of a food.  It is high in fiber and rich in a wide range of vitamins and minerals, including iron. It does not dissolve, however when added to liquids.  Date sugar is also quite expensive.

barley_maltBarley Malt: Less sweet than honey, similar to brown rice syrup in consistency and sweetness.  High in complex carbohydrates, it enters the blood stream slowly.  The malting process increases the level of B-vitamins in this product.  It also contains some trace minerals.

Stevia: This is a small wild shrub found in certain areas of South America.  It is a member of the Chrysanthemum family.  The sugars found in the leaf of the plant are 300 times sweeter than white sugar.  These sugars are called estevian and  rebaudin.  One teaspoon of dried stevia equals about 8 teaspoons of sugar.  It may be used to sweeten hot or cold cereals, herbal teas and in baking.  It is also available in a liquid extract form.  Stevia actually stabilizes blood sugar steviaand has been found to reduce dental cavities in animal studies.  It is truly a great choice for sweeteners—especially during a detox.  A sweet treat is a cup of herbal tea with a drop of stevia extract. Stevia is available at most health food stores or from the The Body Ecology Diet  1-800-896-7838.  Two ounces of the white powdered stevia costs around $17, and two ounces of the powder  to make an extract is around $20.

Note: Aspartame (NutraSweet/ Equal) is a popular low calorie sugar substitute.  Aspartame accounts for 75% of all negative reactions reported to the FDA.  A list of at least 90 symptoms have been gathered relating to this product including:  seizures, panic disorders, blood sugar problems, vertigo, and memory loss.  Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to the effects and we know that teenagers consume lots of diet beverages as part of their daily diet.  Avoid aspartame and try some of the other sweeteners listed above.

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The Crane Exercise

The Crane Exercise is designed to strengthen the organs within the trunk of the body.  Even though these organs are controlled by the autonomic nervous system, the Crane Exercise enables us to balance the energy and thereby promote a smoother functioning of these organs.

This exercise may be done standing, sitting or lying down on your back.

1.  Rub the palms of your hands together vigorously.  This creates heat in your hands and brings the energy of your body into your palms and fingers.

2.  Place your hands, palm down, on your lower abdomen so that they lie on either side of your navel.

3.  Inhale crane2

4.  Begin to exhale slowly, pressing your hands down lightly so that your abdomen forms a hollow cavity.  This gently forces the air out of your lower lungs.  Imagine that every drop of air is leaving your lungs.  (See figure 2)

5.  After you have exhaled completely, slowly begin to inhale, extending your abdomen outward so it becomes like a balloon.  Try not to allow your chest to expand – use only the muscles in your lower abdomen.  (see figure 3)

crane36.  One complete exhalation, followed by an inhalation constitutes one round of breathing.  At first you will only be able to do two or three rounds of breathing at one sitting.  Gradually increase the number until you have reached twelve rounds.


i. It is not necessary to force either the inhalation or the exhalation.  With continued practice you will be able to extend and contract your abdomen quite easily while breathing slowly.  In the beginning your hands act as guides to help you learn the exercise.  Once you have learned the breathing, it is not necessary to continue using your hands.

ii.  Once you have mastered the Crane Exercise, you may combine the anal lock as described in the Deer Exercise with the Crane breathing.  This will increase the strength of the exercise.

iii.  The best time to do the Crane Exercise is in the morning, if possible while facing the sun.  Imagine that as you inhale you bring the energy of the sun into your body and that as you exhale all toxins and wastes are leaving your body.

iv.  When done before retiring at night, the Crane Exercise gives a gently massage it the inner organs which helps calm the body, relaxing us for proper sleep.

Women should not perform the Crane Exercise during pregnancy as the in and out motions of the abdomen may create unpleasant feelings within the abdomen.

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veggies1.jpgThe anti inflammatory diet was created to reduce the amount of inflammatory foods you are eating on a weekly basis.  Why do this?  Because these foods can trigger all kinds of allergic reactions such as asthma, allergies, irritable bowl and joint pain to name a few.

Inflammatory foods can also produce free radicals which can lead to many chronic and acute diseases.  Excessive free radical production has been linked to cancer, heart and parkinson’s disease.

If you want to feel your best with lots of energy and life force, try the following inflammatory diet for 30 days and please send us your feedback.  We will be glad to answer any concerns and questions you might have.(use contact at top of page)

In each food category, check off how many times you are eating any food in that group weekly.  Add the number in each group and get your overall total on the bottom.  Your grand total should not exceed 15 if you want to maintain a healhthy life style.  if you want to detox your body your total should not exceed 5.

More on Change Your Diet Reduce Inflammation Prevent Disease

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broccoli1.jpgFasting anyone?

I always get asked the question, "how do I detoxifly and what do you think about fasting".  The ‘Master Cleanse always comes up in the conversation.  There are many versions of this concoction which includes water, apple cider vinegar, honey and cayenne pepper.  No matter which version you are using the same rule always applies to detoxification: YOU MUST EAT!

The Master Cleanse has been around since the early 1900′s.  Since then, the research reports that calorie restrictive detoxification programs are harmful for the body.

broccoli_sprouts.jpgDetoxification is an energy-dependent process that puts a metabolic burden on the body.  Water and juice fasts are not beneficial because they deplete the body of essential nutrients required for healthy detoxification.  These fasts can have many adverse effects including decreased energy production, breakdown of lean tissue rather than loss of fat, increased oxidative stress and blood sugar imbalance.

Instead of decreasing nutrients, More on Master Cleanse Safe For Detox?

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water1.jpg"You must drink 8 bottles of water per day to stay healthy."  No Thank You, I’ll drink my tea.

Everyone is on this water kick. I need to drink 8 bottles of water per day. "That’s 48 bottles of water per week", as Lewis Black stated in his HBO special, "you need to bring a burro to the store with you just to carry all of tea_leaves_steeping_in_a_zhong1.jpgthose bottles.  The health benefits of drinking that much water have never be clearly defined.  However, the health benefits of tea have.

There are natural compounds in tea leaves called polyphenols.  Polyphenols are natural plant antioxidants. Antioxidants have been shown to prevent damage caused by free radicals to DNA and other molecules. 

More on The Number 1 Reason To Drink Tea Not Water

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